I want to assign long multi-line strings in Mathematica. Is there a way of delineating a block without having to escape each instance of '"' with '\"' and each line ending with '\'?

i.e. In other languages we can do this: ''' mu very long multi line string with "quotes" '''


If I understand correctly, the closest to Python's triple quotes is a TextCell. You can enter it as follows:

enter text

Here I opened an inline cell after typing the input a =. This is done by pressing Ctrl-9 (or going to the Insert menu, then to Typesetting... and Start Inline Cell).

In the light orange highlighted box, you can type any text you want in a natural way, just like in Python between """.

  • $\begingroup$ I hit a snag when trying to use the variable 'a' in your example above in a function that expects a string. In this case, I want to call result = REvaluate[a] But I get an error because REvaluate expects a string, not a TextCell. Any ideas? $\endgroup$ – drsquidop Aug 15 '15 at 5:41
  • $\begingroup$ I figured it out from one of your other posts. I used a = ToString@@ Ctrl-9 my text here Ctrl-0 $\endgroup$ – drsquidop Aug 15 '15 at 5:55

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