I'd like to find a natural way to tell mathematica that a given unknown in a polynomial should be treated as a number, unlike the other variables.

Typically I'd like to sum two polynomials in several variables, say

P[x,y,z]=x y^2 z + 2x y z^2 + x^2 y^2
Q[x,y,z]=x^2 y z - x y z^2 + x^2 z^2

with a scaling factor a on one of them, such that the output of P + a Q looks like;

x y^2 z + (2-a) x y z^2 + x^2 y^2 + a x^2 y z + a x^2 z^2

So mathematica should really interpret a as a number.

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MonomialList may provide functionality you're looking for here.

P[x,y,z]=x y^2 z + 2x y z^2 + x^2 y^2;
Q[x,y,z]=x^2 y z - x y z^2 + x^2 z^2;
P[x,y,z]+a Q[x,y,z]//Expand

will yield

x^2 y^2 + a x^2 y z + x y^2 z + a x^2 z^2 + 2 x y z^2 - a x y z^2

Now, to get the factorization you're looking for,

MonomialList[x^2 y^2 + a x^2 y z + x y^2 z + a x^2 z^2 + 2 x y z^2 - a x y z^2, {x, y, z}]


{x^2 y^2, a x^2 y z, a x^2 z^2, x y^2 z, (2 - a) x y z^2}
x^2 y^2 + a x^2 y z + x y^2 z + a x^2 z^2 + (2 - a) x y z^2

Edit: I should also add that using Expand in this progression of steps is redundant if you're going to roll it up into one line, as MonomialList handles that functionality as well. I only used it here so you could see the polynomial in the form similar to your description. To generalize it as a function you'd do something like



FactorConstants[P[x,y,z]+a Q[x,y,z],{x,y,z}]

x^2 y^2 + a x^2 y z + x y^2 z + a x^2 z^2 + (2 - a) x y z^2

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