The neural network implementation of Predict seems to support a number of undocumented options as shown in a previous question: How to change NeuralNetwork options?.

Has anyone had succes trying to set the values of MaxIterations and EarlyStopping? What is the proper syntax for setting these options?

c = Predict[{1 -> 1.3, 2 -> 2.4, 3 -> 6.4, 4 -> 10.1}, 
        Method -> {"NeuralNetwork", "HiddenLayers" -> {4, 3, 3}, 
        "L1Regularization" -> 0.5, "DropOut" -> True, 
        "MaxIterations" -> 1000, "ValidationSet" -> True}]

But when I add "EarlyStopping" -> False it throws error.

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