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I'm using some parameters to determine the elements of a list. I want to save this list with DumpSave, but I need to name it with its parameters. For example, I use the following parameters




and the list is determined by

Q=Table[f[i,j,k],{i,a},{j,b},{k,c}];(*this is just an example*)

Then, I want to save Q with DumpSave in the following way

DumpSave["1-5-12.mx",{Q}](*of the form "a-b-c.mx"*)

and then, it would be opened with,


I want to automatize the saved process. Do you know how to do that?


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a = 1;
b = 5;
c = 12;

(* version 10 *)
StringTemplate["`1`-`2`-`3`.mx"][a, b, c]
(* "1-5-12.mx" *)

(* 10 and lower *)
StringJoin @@ Riffle[ToString /@ {a, b, c}, "-"] <> ".mx"
(* "1-5-12.mx" *)

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