I'm trying to create a documentation notebook for a package and have entries which reference other entries. I'd like to include the hyperlinks in text formatted cells so that when a reader clicks on that link, they go directly to the cell with the corresponding label.

I have the appropriate destination cells labeled, but having no luck creating text hyperlinks which are permanent. The hyperlink tool (Ctrl+Shift+H) creates links which give an error specifying that the document cannot be found when clicked, even if the file has not been moved. I also attempted the solution found here, but the NotebookObject created by EvaluationNotebook[] does not survive opening a new instance of the notebook.

How can I create these links which will work each time the document is open, regardless of file location? Thanks.

Edit: Quite obviously not a duplicate. The directed question neither brings up this specific issue of hyperlinks as a concern, nor does the answer provided to it solve the issue. The exact question that this is marked a duplicate of is even linked to within the body of this question as one which does not satisfy the issue presented here.

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The solution at How to create a Hyperlink within the current Notebook? can work with EvaluationNotebook[] replaced by the actual file name.


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