How can I get Mathematica to properly simplify physical quantities with dimensions to decimal power, such as $1 \frac{1}{\text{s}^{0.7}}\text{dynes}\text{/(}\text{cm}^2\text{Pa})$ that should simplify to just $\frac{1}{10} \frac{1}{\text{s}^{0.7}}$ ?

Quantity[1, "Dynes"/("Centimeters"^2*"Pascals"*"Seconds"^(7/10))] // UnitConvert

(* Quantity[1/10, 1/("Seconds")^(7/10)] *)

but not

Quantity[1, "Dynes"/("Centimeters"^2*"Pascals"*"Seconds"^(0.7))] // UnitConvert

(* Quantity[1, ("Dynes")/(("Centimeters")^2 "Pascals" ("Seconds")^0.7)] *)

I also noticed that taking to the 0.5 power works:

Quantity[1, "Dynes"/("Centimeters"^2*"Pascals"*"Seconds"^(0.5))] // UnitConvert

(* Quantity[0.1, 1/("Seconds")^0.5] *)

The workaround with replacing the decimal number with a fraction works, but there should be a better way. I also looked for a way to specify that the number $0.7$ should be considered an exact number, but no luck.


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As Guess ... points out

Quantity[1, "Dynes"/("Centimeters"^2*"Pascals"*"Seconds"^(0.7))] // 
   Rationalize // UnitConvert
Quantity[1/10, 1/"Seconds"^(7/10)]

does the job.


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