I'm trying to make a code for Gauss-Legendre quadrature. First I find the roots of the polyinomial with

roots[n_,x_]:=Solve[LegendreP[n, x] == 0]

Then I need to make $n$ functions which are products of $n-1$ terms, in the form of

$$ \prod_{\substack{j=1\\j\neq i}}^{n} \frac{x-x_j}{x_i-x_j} $$

with the $x_j$ being elements of roots[n,x], but I have to exclude $x_i$ in each function.

I tried this:

w[i_, x_] := Product[(x - roots[n, x][[j]])/(roots[n, x][[i]] - 
   roots[n, x][[j]]), {j, 1, n}, j!=i]

but I get an error Part specification j is neither an integer nor a list of integers. So now I have two concerns, is there a way to make a product (mind you, I need to make $n$ products for an arbitrary integer $n$) with skipping one iteration, and how do I use the results I get from Solve in the definition of w?


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You can extract roots from a Solve command using the replacement operation /.:

xroots[n_]:= Solve[LegendreP[n, x] == 0]
roots[n_]:= x /. xroots[n]

Your Product call combined with an If condition, as suggested in the comment above, should do the trick.

w[i_, x_] := 
(x - roots[n][[j]])/(roots[n][[i]] - roots[n][[j]])

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