I would like to export the following mixture distribution mathematica found for my dataset to .json file

dis = FindDistribution[selection]

  {LogisticDistribution[19.2103, 0.155169],
   CauchyDistribution[23.5492, 2.24062]

I tried to look into the documentation available on Mathematica on Export .json here what I did:

  {"MixtureDistribution" -> {"Weight"-> {0.8744, 0.1255}},
   "LogisticDistribution"-> {"Parameter"-> 19.2103,0.1551}},
    "CauchyDistribution" -> {"Parameter"-> {23.5492, 2.2406}}

It created .json file, but what i need is not to write manually the distribution and parameters, instead i would like to have these parameters and distribution to be automatically found in .json file.

I hope I am clear. Will be looking forward for the answers.

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Perhaps this is what you're looking for:

fun[MixtureDistribution[w_, dists_]] :=
    Cases[dists, d_[p___] :> ToString[d] -> {"Parameter" -> {p}}], 
    "MixtureDistribution" -> {"Weight" -> w}

md = MixtureDistribution[
      {LogisticDistribution[19.2103, 0.155169],
       CauchyDistribution[23.5492, 2.24062]}

fun[md] --> 
        {"MixtureDistribution" -> {"Weight" -> {0.874492, 0.125508}}, 
         "LogisticDistribution" -> {"Parameter" -> {19.2103, 0.155169}}, 
         "CauchyDistribution" -> {"Parameter" -> {23.5492, 2.24062}}}

You can then export this result.

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