It seems that DateListPlot when used in webMathematica (3.3.1) show different output than in desktop Mathematica (10.1).

In desktop Mathematica, if you evalutate

data = {{{2015, 1}, 10}, {{2015, 2}, 6}, {{2015, 3}, 15}};

will show this picture:

desktop Mathematica output

in webMathematica instead, when you call this code (html removed for clarity) in .jsp file from your browser

      data = {{{2015, 1}, 10}, {{2015, 2}, 6}, {{2015, 3}, 15}};

it will show the graph without the vertical and horizontal Ticks:

webMathematica .jsp 1st output

Then I've tried to add FrameTicks -> True (and Frame-> False otherwise it doesn't show them)

      data = {{{2015, 1}, 10}, {{2015, 2}, 6}, {{2015, 3}, 15}};
           ,Frame-> False
           ,FrameTicks -> True]]

the output now shows the ticks but in Scientific Notation. No way to display the ticks in date format:

webMathematica .jsp 2nd output

It appears as a bug for me, because other functions as Plot[] or ListPlot[] produce a regular output. This strange behavior seems to be peculiar to DateListPlot[].

Does anyone has encountered the same problem or found a workaround?

(I've post this question also in the Wolfram Community Forum)

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    $\begingroup$ I am also affected by this but under the Wolfram Script environment instead of webMathematica. I added more info under your Wolfram Community post and also added a "bugs" tag because this has been reproduced by wolfram support [CASE:3450946] $\endgroup$ – Gustavo Delfino Oct 30 '15 at 13:08

Works fine for me under Linux and Windows. Make sure you specified the right Kernel and FrontEnd in MSPConfiguration.xml. I.e., in Windows add this before </MSPConfiguration> in MSPConfiguration.xml

        C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.1\MathKernel.exe

        C:\Program Files\Wolfram Research\Mathematica\10.1\Mathematica.exe

while under Linux I use:




    -display :1 -nogui -geometry 1920x1050+10+10

Also I use this (on Centos ) in /etc/init.d/tomcat:

#chkconfig: 2345 95 20

JAVA_HOME=/usr/java/default; export JAVA_HOME

start() {
  echo -n "Starting Tomcat:  "
  su - $TOMCAT_OWNER -c $CATALINA_HOME/bin/startup.sh

stop() {
   echo -n "Stopping Tomcat: "
   su - $TOMCAT_OWNER -c $CATALINA_HOME/bin/shutdown.sh


case "$1" in
       echo $"Usage: tomcat {start|stop|restart}"
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you Rolf, but on my Linux server the MSPConfiguration.xml has already a similar configuration (it differ only in the resolution of -geometry). The problem affect only DateListPlot so I don't think that can be a configuration problem. Do you use webMMA 3.3.1/Tomcat 8 /Java 1.8 on your Linux? $\endgroup$ – Guido Jun 23 '15 at 16:59
  • $\begingroup$ webMathematica 3.3.1 , Tomcat 8.0.23, Oracle Java 8.0.45 $\endgroup$ – Rolf Mertig Jun 23 '15 at 20:28
  • $\begingroup$ Same configuration: CentOS, Tomcat 8.023, JVM 1.8.0_45-b14, webMMA 3.3.1, MMA 10.1 $\endgroup$ – Guido Jun 23 '15 at 22:28
  • $\begingroup$ Rolf, please, can you tell me which version of webMathematica is displayed in the 'Manager App' page of Tomcat? I ask this because I've downloaded and installed v.3.3.1 (as it appear on the Wolfram download page), but in Tomcat it shows as 3.3.0. Maybe this is the glitch. $\endgroup$ – Guido Jun 23 '15 at 22:32
  • $\begingroup$ Indeed, it says 3.3.0. But this is because in web.xml it says so. Why don't you just contact Wolfram support? $\endgroup$ – Rolf Mertig Jun 24 '15 at 0:06

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