I recently came across some Matlab code to output a 3D graph as a stereoscopic left/right .JPS file, viewable e.g. with 3D Media Viewer, Stereoscopic Player or using any 3D television or beamer: http://www.timzaman.com/2012/03/3d-matlab-save-stereo-3d-image/

I was on the lookout for a similar function that would export any Mathematica Graphics3D object or 3D plot to .JPS (which is just a .JPG with the image for the left & right eye shown side by side but with a different extension, as in https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:JPS-sample.jpg, i.e. a 3720 x 1080 pixel JPEG, comprised of 2 1860 x 1080 pixel images side by side).

Mathematica code to produce the two stereoscopic images for the left & right eye is given here, here and here, so the problem is only how to combine and export these as a .JPS file? Should just be a question to Rasterize[] the two images, pasting the two images next to each other in one image, saving it as a .JPEG and then renaming the extension to .JPS (or something like that) - the first and last step I know how to do, but not pasting the two images next to each other. The analogous export to 3D PNG, .PNS would be cool too.

Anybody any thoughts?



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