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I have problems with name space shadowing which I do not know how to resolve. I have two packages which depend on each other. Here is example of two files


top::usage = "This is top level funciton";
foo::usage = "Text";

foo[arg___]:=Print["This is foo!"];



BeginPackage["barPackage`", {"fooPackage`"}];
bar::usage = "";

bar[arg___] := (Print["This is bar!"]; foo[arg])


Now if I use it as I intended:


Needs["fooPackage`", "/home/johu/temp/fooPackage.m"]

$ContextPath[[;; 2]]
This is bar!
{"fooPackage`", "barPackage`"}

I would get bar working if I loaded another package as top level which however does not contain the definition top


Needs["barPackage`", "/home/johu/temp/barPackage.m"]

$ContextPath[[;; 2]]
This is bar!
This is foo!
{"barPackage`", "fooPackage`"}

My question is how to avoid this shadowing or what would be the cleanest workaround?

Perhaps you can also explain, why in the first case does it even make a name for local symbol Private`foo[]? It is never defined.

Here are some references to relevant educational sources, which however did not solve my confusion


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