Consider the following trivial code to evaluate something on a parallel kernel

kernel = LaunchKernels[1];
res = With[{input = 3}, ParallelEvaluate[2 + input, kernel]]

On Linux, both version 8.0.4 and 9.0.1 return


but with 10.0.0, 10.0.2 and 10.1.0 I get


If this is not a bug, then I'm wondering why such a serious change of the syntax was not publicly announced in the release notes. Or may be I missed it somewhere?


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Recasting my comment as an answer, as suggested by Leonid.

ParallelEvaluate hasn't changed, the reason is that LaunchKernels[1] used to return a kernel object, while now it returns a single element list. I think this is more consistent, and the old behavior was never explicitly documented.


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