How can the contents of the Palettes menu be refreshed (preferably programmatically) without restarting the Front End?

When droppping a new palette notebook into $UserBaseDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/Palettes, it will appear in the Palettes menu after restarting the Front End. How can I make it appear there without restarting the front end?

When using the Palettes -> Install Palette... feature, this refresh happens automatically, so I assume it must be possible. The source of the installation dialog notebook is available in $InstallationDirectory/SystemFiles/FrontEnd/SystemResources, but I did not manage to figure out how it works yet.


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You can use the following command to programmatically refresh the contents of the menus in Mathematica:

MathLink`CallFrontEnd[FrontEnd`ResetMenusPacket[{Automatic, Automatic}]]

This was mentioned by John Fultz in this MathGroup post as well as this answer.


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