How can we apply a duty on elements of vectors but they remain unchanged for the next processes:

For instance we have a process governed by these lines. However, in one loop process some elements of Ai's replace by zero (if they equal to 1) but in the start of the next loop, we must have the same Ai as the first of the previous loop (original Ai).

Subscript[A, 1] = {{0}, {0}}; Subscript[A, 2] = {{0}, {1}};
Subscript[A, 3] = {{1}, {0}}; Subscript[A, 4] = {{1}, {1}};

           Subscript[A, i][[j]] = Subscript[A, i][[j + 1]] == 1,,
               Subscript[A, i][[j]] = Subscript[A, i][[j + 1]] = 0; 
               matrix[[k, i]] += delta[Subscript[A, k], Subscript[A, i]]; 

      {j, 1, nn - 1}]
   , {i, 1, 2^nn}
, {l, 1, 2^nn}]

Prevent to being more ambiguous, matrix is not important to be shown.

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You're code does not run but I think I understand what you are trying to do. You can make use of Module to make copies of the $A_i$ for use in the calculation.

If[Subscript[A, i][[j]] = Subscript[A, i][[j + 1]] == 1,
 Module[{a = Subscript[A, i]}, 
  a[[j]] = a[[j + 1]] = 0;
  matrix[[k, i]] += delta[Subscript[A, k], a];]

a is manipulated leaving $A_i$ untouched.


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