Suppose that a is a line plot produced with Plot, and b and c are scatterplots produced with ListPlot.

Furthermore, suppose that Show[a, b, c] produces this:

Mathematica graphics

How can I modify the expression Show[a, b, c] so that the directive PointSize[Tiny] is applied to the points coming from b and c?


Maybe this /. PointSize[x_] -> PointSize[.02]

dat1 = Transpose[Sort /@ RandomReal[1, {2, 50}]];
dat2 = Transpose[Sort /@ RandomReal[1, {2, 50}]];

  Plot[x, {x, 0, 1}, PlotStyle -> 2],
  ListPlot[dat1, PlotStyle -> 1],
  ListPlot[dat2, PlotStyle -> 2]] /. PointSize[x_] -> PointSize[.02]

enter image description here


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