I am working with Standard Report Style. When I press for instance Alt+5 a Subsection is generated. When I press Alt+6 Subsubsection is generated. What I want is a creation of something like Alt+foo, which will create a Subsubsubsection. Also, I want to know how exactly the Cell Subsubsubsection is generated.


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    $\begingroup$ FrontEndTokenExecute["Style", "Subsubsubsection"] + 16165 $\endgroup$ – Kuba May 28 '15 at 14:14

I failed to find a duplicate so here's the answer. The token you are looking for is FrontEndTokenExecute["Style", "Subsubsubsection"] or at least most probably but it seems to do what built in shortcuts do.

You can build it in as:

  • MenuCommand, KeyShortcut, NotebookEventActions

    16165 by Chris Degnen

  • CellInsertionPointCell, AdditionalToolbar



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