Is there an implementation of the resistance distance matrix (or just resistance matrix) for graphs available in Mathematica?


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Based on the definition from the Wikipedia article, this should give you the resistance distance matrix of the graph g:

With[{Γ = PseudoInverse[KirchhoffMatrix[g]]},
 Outer[Plus, Diagonal[Γ], Diagonal[Γ]] - Γ - Transpose[Γ]

Jan Mangaldan created a resource function named ResistanceMatrix in 2023-12. This is based on 2012rcampion's answer.

GraphResistanceMatrix[g_?GraphQ] := 
 Module[{kirchhoffMatrix, pseudoInverse, diagonal}, 
  kirchhoffMatrix = KirchhoffMatrix[g]; 
  pseudoInverse = PseudoInverse[kirchhoffMatrix];
  diagonal = Diagonal[pseudoInverse];
   Outer[Plus, diagonal, diagonal] - pseudoInverse - 

To test this I did

data = EntityValue[
   EntityFunction[graph, graph["VertexCount"] === 21]], 
  "ResistanceMatrix", "NonMissingEntityAssociation"]

enter image description here

Then I did

CheckResistanceMatrix = GraphResistanceMatrix[Graph[#1]] === #2 &;

Then I did


and all the values from GraphResistanceMatrix matched GraphData's precomputed "ResistanceMatrix" value.


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