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So i'm trying to do this implementation of cellular automaton which replicates some random patterns generated by 3D printers like the ones below. strings generated by 3D printers

I'd basically like to create a model which looks something like this

Computational CA

Appreciate all inputs. I'm basically trying to implement a paper which has done this. But I don't see how the simulation happens.

The link for the paper is here. 3D printing simulation The algorithm mentioned by the author is this.

extrudedFilament = 0;
for layer in 1, 2, , layers loop // repeat for all layers
z = 0.4 * layer; // layer pitch is 0.4
for i in 0, 1, , 4 * 72 loop // repeat for all parts of a circle
cell[layer][i] = 0; // clear cells
if extrudedFilament >= 1 then
// Amount of extruded filament is sufficient.
if cell[layer–1][i] > 0 and random() <= pcurrent or
// The cell at the same location of previous layer
// is filled and the filament is successfully sticked.
cell[layer–1][i+1] > 0 and random() <= pnext then
// The cell at the next location of previous layer
// is filled and the filament is successfully sticked.
cell[layer][i] = 1; // fill cell
extrudedFilament = 0.0; // clear filament
end if
end if
drawNextArc(cell[layer][i], i, 2); // draw circle part
extrudedFilament = extrudedFilament + extrudedFilament1;
// newly extruded filament (0 < extrudedFilament1 < 1)
end loop
cell[layer][steps] = cell[layer][0];
end loop

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