I am new to Mathematica, if there is anything wrong, do not hesitate to tell me?

WW1 = {{0,0},{0,0},{0.532089,0.434531},{0,0},{0.812587,0.278014}};
WW2 = {{0,0},{0,0},{0.273867,0.365045},{0,0},{0.126252,0.646143}};

I would like to know how to export the data into Matfile? The I can use Matlab to plot for the figure for consistency.

I use the code:

Export["data.mat", {"WW1", "WW2"}]

However, it does not work and reports an error:

"{"WW1", "WW2"} cannot be exported to the ("MAT") format."

Could you please help me fix it?


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Export["data1.mat", WW1]
Export["data2.mat", WW2]

Is that what you want?

Or combined them into a single matrix using Mathematica, then export the whole matrix. But without the double quotes.


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