I am attempting to write a code which brackets the minimum of a unimodal function, using the Golden Section Method Below. I am have serious issues debugging my program though, any help will be appreciated.

(* Golden Ratio Search Method*)

GoldenSearch[a0_, b0_, ϵ_] :=
  Module[{a = N[a0], b = N[b0], bleft, bright, ρ, x1, x2},
   ρ = 
    N[Abs[(3 - Sqrt[5])/2] , 6];(*evaluates value of golden ration*)
   bleft = N[a, 6];(*left boundary point*) 
   bright = N[b, 6]; (*right boundary point*)

   x1 = N[bleft + ρ*(bright - bleft), 
     6];(*possible new left value*)
   x2 = N[bleft + (1 - ρ) (bright - bleft), 
     6];(*possible new right value*)

   While[ (b - a) > ϵ, If[ f[x2] > f[x1],
      bright = x2;
      b = x2;
      x2 = x1;
      (*bleft = bleft*)
      x1 = bleft + ρ*(bright - bleft);],
        bleft = x1;
        a = x1;
        x1 = x2;
        x2 = bleft + (1 - ρ) (bright - bleft);
        ;], ;];
    Print["f[", PaddedForm[{a, x1, x2, b}, {7, 6}] "]", ;];];


An example function is:

f[x_] := x^2 + 4*Cos[x]; [1,2,0.2]
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The Print statement requires that the output from PaddedForm be converted to a String. Additionally, the second and third Module statements cause problems and seem unnecessary. With them deleted, the second half of the code can be rewritten as

 While[ (b - a) > ϵ, If[ f[x2] > f[x1],
       bright = x2; b = x2; x2 = x1; x1 = bleft + ρ*(bright - bleft),
        bleft = x1; a = x1; x1 = x2; x2 = bleft + (1 - ρ) (bright - bleft) ]];

 Print["f[", ToString[PaddedForm[{a, x1, x2, b}, {7, 6}]], "]"] ]

Then, with f[x_] := x^2 + 4*Cos[x] as suggested in the Question, GoldenSearch produces results.

GoldenSearch[1, 2, .2]
f[{ 1.854102,  1.909830,  1.944272,  2.000000}]

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