I have a collection of points I want to plot using ListPlot[]. I would like each individual point to be a certain color depending on a key value that is based on a list separate from the points. As a simple example suppose we have list={1,2,3,4} and keys={7,8,9,10}. If keys[[i]] is odd we want list[[i]] to be black, if keys[[i]] is even we want list[[i]] to be red. How can I do this?


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list = {1, 2, 3, 4} ; keys = {7, 8, 9, 10};
styleddata = Style[#, {Black, Red}[[Mod[#2, 2, 1]]]] & @@@ Transpose[{list, keys}];


styleddata = Style[#, If[OddQ@#2, Black, Red]] & @@@ Transpose[{list, keys}];
styleddata = Style[#, #2 Black + (1 - #2) Red] & @@@Transpose[{list, Boole@OddQ@keys}];

ListPlot[styleddata, BaseStyle -> PointSize[Large]]

enter image description here


Just use a color function that you can map over your keys

keyList = {1, 2, 3};
keys = RandomChoice[keyList, 10];(*Dummy keys*)
pts = RandomInteger[100, {Length@keys, 2}];(*Dummy Points*)
colors[key_] := Hue[key/Length@keyList];(*A color function that you can modify*)

  PlotStyle -> colors /@ keys

Points colored by key


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