I am not familiar with Mathematica but have the following question: I am trying to write Mathematica code that transforms $x^a+y^a$ to $(x+y)^a$ for any $x$ and $y$ and integer $a$. I also need to transform $f^2(x)+f^4(y)$ to $(f(x)+f^2(y))^2$.


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I think we can just use basic pattern matching:

(* Freshman's dream... ahhhhh *)

FrobeniusFactor[expr_] := expr //. x_^e1_ + y_^e2_ :> 
  With[{g = PolynomialGCD[e1, e2]}, 
      (x^Cancel[e1/g] + y^Cancel[e2/g])^g
    ) /; g =!= 1

FrobeniusFactor[x^a + y^a]
(x + y)^a
FrobeniusFactor[f[x]^2 + f[y]^4]
(f[x] + f[y]^2)^2

This is not as versatile as Chip's method but it might be sufficient:

rule = {x_^a_ + y_^b_ /; Divisible[a, b] :> (x^(a/b) + y)^b};

{q^3 + r^3, f[x]^2 + f[y]^4} /. rule
{(q + r)^3, (f[x] + f[y]^2)^2}

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