x1'[t] == x2[t]
x2'[t] == -4*y2[t]*y1[t]^2 + (2*x2[t]*y2[t])/y1[t] - (y2[t]^2*y1[t]^2)/
y1'[t] == y2[t]
y2'[t] == 
 4*x2[t]*x1[t]^2 + (2*y2[t]*x2[t])/x1[t] - (x2[t]^2*x1[t]^2)/y1[t]^3

How can I plot of x1 versus x2, x1 versus y1, x1 versus y2, y1 versus y2?

Please help me ?

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You are trying to solve a set of Ordinary differential equation but you forgot to set up initial conditions.

This is just to get you started.

Your equation

 eqn = { x1'[t] == x2[t],
  x2'[t] == -4*y2[t]*y1[t]^2 + (2*x2[t]*y2[t])/
     y1[t] - (y2[t]^2*y1[t]^2)/x1[t]^3,
  y1'[t] == y2[t],
  y2'[t] ==  4*x2[t]*x1[t]^2 + (2*y2[t]*x2[t])/x1[t] - (x2[t]^2*x1[t]^2)/y1[t]^3}

Some initial condition that I randomly chose as you forgot to specify them:

ics = {x1[0] == 1, x2[0] == 2, y1[0] == 1, y2[0] == 1};

The numerical solution

sol = NDSolve[Flatten[{eqn, ics}], {x1, y1, x2, y2}, {t, 0, 1}];

One of the plots you requested

 ParametricPlot[{x1[t], x2[t]} /. sol, {t, 0, 1},AxesLabel -> {x1[t], x2[t]}]

Mathematica graphics

Map[ParametricPlot[# /. sol, {t, 0, 1}] &,
   {{x2[t], x1[t]}, {y1[t], x1[t]},
    {y2[t], x1[t]}, {y2[t], y1[t]}}] // Partition[#, 2] & // Grid

Mathematica graphics

  • $\begingroup$ how can I plot x1-x2 on the same plot with different initial conditions? please help me $\endgroup$ – merve Apr 5 '15 at 17:09
  • $\begingroup$ ok I have done thank you. $\endgroup$ – merve Apr 5 '15 at 17:19

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