The keyboard shortcut ctrl+5 is set for "other script" in previous versions, while now I am using 10.0 and find that this shortcut is also set for "Parallel Kernel Status", and actually the later is preferred.

I tried to solve the conflict problem by modifying the file KeyEventTranslations, but I could not find where to set "Parallel Kernel Status".

Does anyone knows how?


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"Parallel Kernel Status" is set in the following line of MenuSetup.tr

MenuItem["Parallel &Kernel Status...", KernelExecute[Parallel`Palette`menuStatus[]], MenuEvaluator -> Automatic],

On should not change these files, however you could change that line to

MenuItem["Parallel &Kernel Status...", KernelExecute[Parallel`Palette`menuStatus[]], MenuEvaluator -> Automatic, MenuKey["F5", Modifiers->{"Control"}]],

in order to get Ctrl+F5 as the shortcut to open the "Parallel Kernel Status" palette.

You could also use MenuKey["5", Modifiers->{"Control"}], but then you should also change MenuItem["&Opposite Position", "Otherscript", MenuKey["5", Modifiers->{"Control"}]] in MenuSetup.tr and Item[KeyEvent["5", Modifiers -> {Control}, CellClass -> BoxFormData], "Otherscript"] in KeyEventTranslations.tr to something else.


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