I have tried several times to import a Mathematica document into a Wiki using the "Export As Latex" option. It never works.

Of course I have the option of copying each stretch of text as text and each non-textual expression as Latex but I might as well just use a TeX editor for all the work that is involved.

Latex is supposed to accept a complete document. Is there a way to have Mathematica export a complete document that is acceptable to, say, Wikia or Wordpress?

Here is some sample output from Mathematica embedded in a < math >..< /math > pair or ($latex ... $ doesn't work either).

\text{Let the three edges of a tetrahedron with one vertex at the origin be denoted } e_i, i= 1\text{..}3. \text{ The face vectors defined by Rovelli are then $\quad $} L_1 =\text{ }\frac{1}{2} e_2\times e_3, L_2 =\text{ }\frac{1}{2} e_3\times e_1 \text{, and } L_3 =\text{ }\frac{1}{2} e_1\times e_2 \text{. Note that, for example, } L_1 \text{and} L_2 \text{are both perpendicular to } e_3 \text{ so that } L_1\times L_2 \text{must be parallel to } e_3. \text{ In fact $\quad $} L_1\times L_2 \text{ = } \frac{1}{4} \text{Det}[e] e_3

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You may consider:

1) Use the menu item 'Save As' and choose and Save as type: Latex Document instead of Export if you need the whole document as mentioned in your question.

2) Make sure you use adequate plug-in for Wordpress or Wiki to render Latex typesetting


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