I have

vAwGOptns = {
             {{0}, {0}},
             {{1}, {0}},
             {{0}, {1}},
             {{1}, {1}}

and would like to select one of these vectors using SetterBar

SetterBar[Dynamic[vAwG], vAwGOptns]

which works fine. In the setter bar button text, it shows as "{{x},{y}}" but I was wondering if it was possible to force SetterBar to show the buttons as MatrixForm[{{x},{y}}] instead? Just so it looks nicer and is easier to read for vectors with more elements.



You can use val -> lbl syntax for SetterBar:

SetterBar[Dynamic[vAwG], Thread[# -> MatrixForm /@ #] & @ vAwGOptns, 
  FrameMargins -> 15]

enter image description here

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