The plot style of Matlab's polar function

polar plot

appears to be pretty conventional for antenna radiation patterns in the references I'm looking at (sometimes with tick markings that count +- from the theta = 0 direction)

The basic plot can be done easily enough with Mathematica:

PolarPlot[ Cos[2 t] Sin[2 t], {t, 0, 2 Pi}]

but doesn't have the circular and arc scales, nor angular tick markings. Those probably wouldn't be hard to add with Epilog, but I was wondering if there's already an option to do this easily in Mathematica without writing a bunch of code?


If I understand the question correctly,

PolarPlot[Cos[2 t] Sin[2 t], {t, 0, 2 Pi}, 
  PlotStyle -> Directive[Red, Dashed], PolarAxesOrigin -> {Pi/2, .5}, 
  PolarGridLines -> Automatic, PolarAxes -> True, 
  PolarTicks -> {Table[{N[Pi/6 i], ToString[30 i] <> "°"}, {i, 0, 11}], 
    Table[{0.1 i, 0.1 i}, {i, 4}]}]

produces the desired results.

Mathematica graphics

If "tick markings that count +- from the theta = 0 direction" are desired, replace the first Table in the code just above by

Table[{N[Pi/6 i], ToString[Abs[30 Mod[i, 12, -6]]] <> "°"}, {i, 0, 11}]
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