I want to deploy an application to the Wolfram Programming Cloud set up with private permissions. I have been testing this functionality and getting behaviors I can't explain or overcome.

The model syntax I'm using is from the help "Wolfram Language How To" -- "How to Set Cloud Object Permissions" -

CloudDeploy[APIFunction[{"x" -> "Integer"}, #x^#x &], Permissions -> 
  {{"[email protected]"} -> "Execute"}]

For my testing purposes, I have simplified the example while maintaining the same syntax --

CloudDeploy["Hello", Permissions -> {{“[email protected]"} -> "Execute"}]

For this purpose, I set up a free Cloud account using [email protected] for that purpose. (NB: I am not showing the actual email. "[email protected]" is a dummy for the purposes of this post.

I'm running this in a notebook using Mathematica on Yosemite. I am logged into my Cloud account using my primary Wolfram user ID.

In testing this functionality I always begin by quitting the kernel. The first time I run the Deploy function I get this error --

StringJoin::string: String expected at position 2 in user-<>None. >>

and I also get a CloudObject[URL] as output.

Interestingly, if I quit the kernel and run

CloudDeploy[APIFunction[{"x" -> "Integer"}, #x^#x &], Permissions -> 
  {{"[email protected]"} -> "Execute"}]

in the "How To" notebook I get the same "StringJoin" error along with a URL.

The second time the Deploy function runs, there is no "StringJoin" error.

With regard to the URLs that are returned:

I paste them into a "new Private Window". As expected, a sign in box is returned requesting Wolfram ID and Password.

However, after entering The Wolfram ID and password (I am using as ID the email above -- "[email protected]").

The following message is always returned: “Something Went Wrong” “Oops. An error occurred. Please try again.” "If you continue to experience problems, please contact us."

I know the password is correct because if I enter the incorrect password, I am told that the account is not recognized.

This is a threshold issue I would like to get past before investing a lot of development time.

I would appreciate any thoughts? Thanks.

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  • See Wolfram How to Set Cloud Object Permissions
  • By default CloudDeploy generates a CloudObject with permissions: "Owner" -> {"Read", "Write", "Execute"}. So you can leave out this option until you want others to visit your web application.
  • To see the permissions of a CloudObject execute: Options[CloudObject[...]]. Here you must paste in the whole CloudObject with its live link. Mouse over it to be sure that it's the real active thing.
  • View or execute the API in your web browser. You shouldn't have to do any cutting or pasting, much less open a "new Private Window," whatever that is. Just click the CloudObject link!
  • Add an identifying string such as "MyFirstWolframCloudTest" as a second CloudDeploy argument. This will save you from cluttering your cloud directory space with a lot of unidentifiable objects.

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