ψn[n_, x_] := x SphericalBesselJ[n, x]
dψn[n_, x_] := ψn[n - 1, x] - n ψn[n, x]/x
Nn[n_, x_] := x SphericalBesselY[n, x]
dNn[n_, x_] := Nn[n - 1, x] - n Nn[n, x]/x
f[m_, n_, x_] := m ψn[n, m x] dNn[n, x] - Nn[n, x] dψn[n, m x]

enter image description here

There is a root of f[Sqrt[9.8], 24, x] between 9.61677463456185765 and 9.61677463456185768. The Plot function can't give the right picture with a correct x region. What's the problem? How can I find it and how to Plot f in this interval?

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You would probably need to ask Mathematica to treat your numbers as arbitrary-precision numbers by tagging the number of digits you'd like Mathematica to keep track of at the end of your numbers like this:


This produces a plot:

  f[Sqrt[9.8], 24, x] 10^8,
  {x, 9.61677463456185765`20, 9.61677463456185768`20}

In drawing the figure, the two endpoints of the $x$-axis will be treated as the same number if your $MachinePrecision is not enough. (This is probably because Mathematica uses machine-precision numbers for the plot range.)

You may want to try ListPlot instead:

    f[Sqrt[9.8], 24, x] 10^8,
    {x, 9.61677463456185765`20, 9.61677463456185768`20, 0.000000000000000001`20}
  Joined -> True,
  PlotRange -> All

and modify the tick numbers with the option Ticks as appropriate (if DataRange doesn't work).

Note that 9.8 is a machine-precision number. You may want to think about whether that's what you want. Your f gives a different result when the number is inputted as 98/10—an exact number (i.e. Precision[98/10] is Infinity).


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