Here is a basic example:

{InputField[Dynamic[x]], Dynamic[x]}

This code generates an input box with and dynamic display. enter image description here

What is disturbing me is that when trying to enter some complex expressions, MMA automatically calculates and updates it in the input box. Is there any way to keep the expression in the input box remains unevaluated?

e.g. If I enter Exp[2.1]:

enter image description here

after I clicked somewhere else, the content of the input box turns into the result immediately, but I want the result to be displayed only beside the input box. enter image description here

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You are looking for this:

{InputField[Dynamic[x], Hold[Expression]], Dynamic[ReleaseHold[x]]}


  • $\begingroup$ Many thanks! This works! $\endgroup$ Mar 17 '15 at 18:46

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