The obvious way of plotting the progress of FindMinimum fails with an error about things not being localizable:

vals={};FindMinimum[x1^2, {x1}, StepMonitor :> vals = Append[vals, x1]];
  FindMinimum::vloc: The variable StepMonitor:>vals=Append[vals,x1] cannot be localized so that it can be assigned to numerical values. >>

I am not certain of the usefulness of the error, as when I added the StepMonitor to a more complex FindMinimum expression (that previously worked), it led to an error about the Gradient (when I put the StepMonitor after the Gradient) or the same error as above (otherwise).

Is this achievable in some way?


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You can just use AppendTo, I added a Pause since it happens so fast otherwise

vals = {};
FindMinimum[x1^4, {x1}, StepMonitor :> (AppendTo[vals, x1]; Pause[.5])]

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