The following correctly produces a click sound:

samples = 8000;
half = 4000;
timeconstant = 100;
list = RotateRight[Table[Exp[-t/timeconstant], {t, 0, samples - 1}], half] // N;
ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1, 1}]

But any of the three following variations on PlayRange produce three clicks.

ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> All]

ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> Automatic]


This is incorrect.

I could just use the working variant, but if I use it inside a Manipulate,

 ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1., 1.}]
 , {x, 0, 1}]

I get the obviously incorrect error message:

"Value of PlayRange -> {-1.,1.} is not a list of two machine-sized real numbers."

I realize these are probably bugs, and I have notified Wolfram, but I wonder if any experts here have any insight or workarounds. My need is urgent.


Wrapping ListPlay with Evaluate we get the expected output (v Windows 8 x64):

Manipulate[Evaluate@ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1., 1.}], {x, 0, 1}]

enter image description here

Update: Based on OP's comment below, the following "did it":

             EmitSound[Sound[SampledSoundList[Clip[list, {-1., 1}], 8000]]]; x], 
 {x, 0, 1}]
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  • $\begingroup$ That is excellent, but I need to emit the sound. Neither of these works: Manipulate[ EmitSound[Evaluate@ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1., 1.}]], {x, 0, 1}] Manipulate[ Evaluate@EmitSound[ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1., 1.}]], {x, 0, 1} , TrackedSymbols :> {x}] $\endgroup$ – abwatson Feb 22 '15 at 11:26
  • $\begingroup$ @abwatson, why not use Play button in the content area of Manipulate[Evaluate@ListPlay[list, PlayRange -> {-1., 1.}], {x, 0, 1}] to emit the click sound? How is x related to the content displayed? $\endgroup$ – kglr Feb 22 '15 at 11:58
  • $\begingroup$ I would rather that the user not have to do anything extra (click on play) to produce the sound. Manipulate does not usually require such extra steps. The x has no effect in this example. It was just there to cause evaluation after user action. In my real use, I am presenting two clicks with a variable delay between them, to illustrate sound localization.The user varies the delay and listens to the result. $\endgroup$ – abwatson Feb 22 '15 at 12:44
  • $\begingroup$ @abwatson, does this give something close to what you need Manipulate[ControlActive[x, EmitSound[ Sound[ SampledSoundList[Clip[list, {-1., 1}], 8000]]]; x], {x, 0, 1}]? $\endgroup$ – kglr Feb 22 '15 at 13:12
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks! That did it, though I confess I do not understand why. I will have to study ControlActive. $\endgroup$ – abwatson Feb 23 '15 at 6:18

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