I would like to access Mathematica functions from within a Fortran program. I am unsure how to start (which is probably related to my lack of up-to-date Fortran knowledge). Is it necessary to write a wrapper in C or can I link to the Mathematica library directly. Are there any Fortan examples available which I could start from? How would I compile the Fortran project?


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Here are a couple of options:

  • You can write a C wrapper function that calls your Fortran code, and use WSTP to export the C function to Mathematica.

    It is relatively straightforward to mix Fortran and C. gfortran is one free compiler. The procedure for linking the compiled C and Fortran object files will depend on your platform, see for example this answer.

  • If your code is Fortran 77, you can use f2c to convert it into ANSI C, and then use WSTP on the C code directly.


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