Can anybody help. I can't get the simplest notebook (see code below) to deploy. I upload the notebook to my Wolfram Cloud account. Click deploy. Copy the link and send it to my sister. She can move the sliders but the graphs don't update. I tried with SaveDefinitions True and also with False. Is anybody deploying anything successfully? Besides the fact that everything is super slow, and the server often doesn't respond, a simple deployment doesn't seem to work. If she does shift-enter she gets a no-permission error.

Is there a step by step guide to deploying? And what is the difference really between Mathematica Online and Wolfram Programming Cloud?

Or maybe I should ask the question this way.... I create simple highschool level notebooks in Mathematica desktop. They work fine. I want to share them with other people who don't have or want the CDF player. What is the best way?

Manipulate[theSlope=a  Cos [ thePointX];
  Plot[{theSlope (x-thePointX) + a Sin [thePointX]+7,a Cos [x ],a Sin [x ] +7}, {x,0, 2Pi},
  PlotLabel->Style["Slope of Tangent Line =\n"<>ToString[N[a Cos[thePointX]]]<>"\n\n",
  Epilog->{Red,PointSize[.02],Point[{thePointX,a Cos[thePointX]}],Point[{thePointX,
  a Sin[thePointX]+7}]}, AspectRatio->1], 
  {{a,1,"amplitude"}, 1,3,1,Appearance->"Labeled"},
  {{thePointX,1,"point"},0, 2 Pi},SaveDefinitions->True]
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