I have a data file (over 2.5 GB) and I want to do calculations on the data.

At first I used.

data=ReadList["file", Record,n]

I still have three problems:

1- From the Doc of ReadList (ReadList["file",types,n] reads only the first n objects of the specified types) reading starts from the beginning of the file. So how can I read from any part inside the file ( It is clear if I use n the last record, this means I am reading the whole file which I can't).

2- If there is way to read from any part of the file and let us say I want to read the last 1000 objects, how can I know n (last object of the file).

3- The data (after reading) is in this form:

   {" 0.00000E+000\t-9.15527E-004\t", " 2.50000E-006\t-0.0015258789\t", \
    " 5.00000E-006\t-0.0018310547\t", " 7.50000E-006\t-0.0015258789\t"}

I want to create two columns of the data. I used this way:

Interpreter["Number"][ReadList[StringToStream[#], Word] & /@ data]

As can be seen, I used ReadList twice (one at first reading and one to convert the data). Is there any other efficient way to do this?

Thank you.


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