I am trying to achieve the functionality of the following command:

Manipulate[ z, {z, 0, 1}]

but with passing the list of parameters into Manipulate from and external list, e.g.

list = {z, 0, 1};
Manipulate[ z, list ]

but with this syntax I recieve the following error:

Manipulate::vsform: "Manipulate argument \!\(ToExpression[{\"z\", 0, 1}]\) does not have the correct form for a variable specification"

How can I overcome this?


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list = {z, 0, 1};
Manipulate[z, Evaluate@list]

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Manipulate has attribute HoldAll,

{HoldAll, Protected, ReadProtected}


all arguments to a function are to be maintained in an unevaluated form

Using Evaluate@list makes Manipulate see {z,0,1} rather than the symbol list.


In addition to what kguler has said, you can also inject with With:

With[{l = list}, Manipulate[z, l] ]


Manipulate[z, #] &[list]

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