ServiceExecute[] supports sending an image via "ImageTweet" i.e. posting an image in a tweet. But how can I achieve the reverse of this and download the image given the "TweetID"?

  • $\begingroup$ I don't see any possible options in ServiceExecute that could work. Have you tried making a custom function to download straight from the internet page of the tweet? $\endgroup$ – Emy Mar 11 '15 at 14:49

I'm sure the internet used to be simpler than this! Anyway, this worked for the two examples I tried:

tweetid = "493792023691149312";

s = ServiceConnect["Twitter"];

tweet = ServiceExecute[s, "GetTweet", "TweetID" -> tweetid];

link = Last @ Flatten @ StringCases[StringSplit[tweet], "http" ~~ __];

manylinks = Import[link, "Hyperlinks"];

anotherlink = First @ Flatten @ StringCases[manylinks, __ ~~ "photo" ~~ __];

xmldata = Import[anotherlink, "XMLObject"];

finallink = First @ Cases[xmldata, XMLElement[
      "meta", {"property" -> "og:image", "content" -> address_}, {}] :> address, -1];


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