The style "DockedCell" is automatically used for Docked Cells even when no Cell style is specified. In the section of Core.nb where "DockedCell" is defined there are also these styles:

  • "SystemDockedCell"
  • "DockedTitleCell"
  • "PluginDockedCell"

When or where are these styles used?

The names suggest to me that they are intended for automatic rather than manual application. I can find no mention of them in the documentation.


They are used in the file MiscExpressions.tr to define various toolbars, "PluginToolbar", "StylesheetToolbar" etc.

In version 9, you can find them using

nb = NotebookOpen[ToFileName[{$InstallationDirectory, "SystemFiles", 
       "FrontEnd", "TextResources"}, "MiscExpressions.tr"]]; 
NotebookFind[nb, "PluginDockedCell"]

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In version 10.4.1 for Windows MiscExpressions.tr contains definitions for

  • 20 "SystemDockedCell"s:

    • "SlideshowToolbar"
    • "PackageToolbar"
    • "SecurityToolbar"
    • "DynamicUpdatingToolbar"
    • "CodeCaptionToolbar"
    • "WolframCloudSyncToolbar"
    • "PluginUpdateStripe"
    • "BuiltInStylesheetToolbar"
    • "StylesheetToolbar"
    • "VersionedStylesheetToolbar"
    • "TrialBar"
    • "StudentBar"
    • "HomeEditionBar"
    • "OriginalEducationalStripe"
    • "OriginalFreeStripe"
    • "OriginalDemonstrationUseStripe"
    • "OriginalStripeFooter"
    • "PluginEducationalStripe"
    • "PluginFreeStripe"
    • "PluginDemonstrationUseStripe"
  • 2 "DockedTitleCell"s

    • "BuiltInStylesheetToolbar"
    • "StylesheetToolbar"
  • 1 "PluginDockedCell":

    • "PluginToolbar"
  • 2 toolbars with "CompatibilityDocked1" & "CompatibilityDocked2":

    • "CompatibilityToolbar"
    • "CompatibilityToolbarPostScan"
  • 1 toolbar with "DockedCell" & "DockedLinkTrail":

    • "HelpViewerToolbar"

The ones that are listed more than once either contain multiple Cells with different style specifications or a single Cell with multiple style specifications.

On can examine these toolbars by evaluating for example

FrontEndResource["FEExpressions", "SecurityToolbar"] // CellPrint

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