I'm interested in buying a "Home Edition" license for Mathematica, but there's the following information which I'd like to know beforehand and which I cannot find online:

  • As I'm about to buy it, the Wolfram website says "Software may not be registered for use outside the country of purchase". "may not be" - how can I find it out if it actually is or not? I'm usually based in Brazil but I'm currently travelling all around Europe, so if I buy it now in Europe will I be able to use it in the various European countries I'm travelling to as well as back in Brazil?

  • The "Home Edition" license is valid for one year. If there're any Mathematica version upgrades during this year, would I get the upgrade for free or would I have to pay?

Many thanks!

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    $\begingroup$ While good questions, these are best answered by an official WRI representative. Contacting their sales department or a message on the Wolfram Community will get you a more official response. $\endgroup$ – bobthechemist Dec 24 '14 at 12:23
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    $\begingroup$ Bob is correct consult Wolfram directly. For point 2 you get upgrades for the lifetime of your license, e.g. 1 year unless you renew. So for example you can expect a few point releases of MMA10.0.x in 2015 at least. $\endgroup$ – Gordon Coale Dec 24 '14 at 12:45