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I'm struggling with dashed lines in Plot, ListPlot or ListLinePlot with Mathematica 10.0.1 on Linux (64bits).

This has been declared as a bug with ListPlot in Mathematica v9 and v10 but is said to be fixed in Mathematica 10.0.1.

Using the code from this post:

g2 = ListLinePlot[{Table[Sin[i], {i, 25}], Table[Cos[i], {i, 25}]}, 
      PlotStyle -> {{Red, Thick, Dashed}, {Blue, Thin}}];`

produced the following image:

enter image description here

although the blue line should not be dashed.


Plot[{Sin[i], Cos[i]}, {i, 1, 25},  PlotStyle -> {{Red, Thick, Dashed}, {Blue, Thin}}]

also produces only dashed lines.

The structure of the object produced by ListPlot seems to be correct.

g2[[1]] /. (h : Hue | Line | Directive)[___] :> h[]
{{}, {{{}, {}, {Hue[], Directive[], Line[]}, {Hue[], Directive[], Line[]}}}, {}}` 

Running the same lines in Mathematica 10.0.1. on my Mac doesn't have this problem.

Could somebody tell me what I am doing wrong ?

  • $\begingroup$ @Öskå Nope, but I keep forgetting it. In fact, it makes me feel very uncomfortable $\endgroup$ – Dr. belisarius Dec 5 '14 at 16:16
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you all, i didn't see the question mine is a duplicate of. If I understand everything correctly, this means that the ListPlot[] bug is closed but the linux Graphics[] bug is still there. $\endgroup$ – xraynaud Dec 5 '14 at 19:40

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