I am trying to make a plot displaying the following type of information. I have a finite set of 2D-coordinates. For each coordinate point, I have a 2D vector associated to that point. The vector is actually normalized at each point as well. What I would like is to plot the vector-field.

I am currently using:


My data is formatted:


Such that when I plot c with something like below, the output is:


enter image description here

My vector field is:




I get:

enter image description here

Clearly, the vector field should only be plotted in the annulus, what is Mathematica doing here that there are vectors plotted in the inner region, as well as the outer regions past radius=1? Is this an extrapolation or something?

Also is there a way to show more of the vector field? More arrows? (Lines how I've shown it)

Also, does ListVectorPlot[] plot the center of a displayed vector directly above the coordinate point?

Thanks, ahead.

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Restrict the points using VectorPoints.

Clear[myPoints, myVectors];

myPoints = 
     UniformDistribution[{{-1, 1}, {-1, 1}}], {1000}], .3 < Norm[#] < 1. &], 500];

myVectors = 
  Table[{Cos[\[Theta] = RandomReal[{0, 2 \[Pi]}]], 
    Sin[\[Theta]]}, {Length[myPoints]}];

 Transpose[{myPoints, myVectors}],
 VectorPoints -> myPoints

ListVectorPlot figure


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