I would like to change the size of the Opener in OpenerView when using Mathematica 10. In Mathematica 8, there was the option Appearance->Tiny for example that allowed to have a small Opener.

In Mathematica 10 this option still exists but is not documented and has no effect, as the default opener seems to have a fixed size.

Is there a way to get the old small MM 8 appearance for OpenerView in MM 10 ?


I reported a problem with Opener and Appearance option, this is the reply:

[CASE:2678632] Feedback

[...] There is an 'Appearance' issue on the Windows platform and it has been reported already. [...]

So I believe it is a subject to change.

As a temp. replacement:

opF = Opener@False~Rasterize~(ImageSize -> 12);
opT = Opener[True]~Rasterize~(ImageSize -> 12);

SetAttributes[myOpener, HoldRest];
myOpener[{lbl_, content_}, Dynamic[state_]] := 
 DynamicModule[{fv = Boole[state] + 1},
      FlipView[{opF, opT}, Dynamic[fv, (fv = #; state = (# =!= 1)) &],
        ImageMargins -> 0, FrameMargins -> 0], lbl}],
      True -> Row[{Invisible@opT, content}]
      }, Dynamic@state]

x = False;
Panel@myOpener[{"test", "content"}, Dynamic[x]]

enter image description here

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