I want to include a Hyperlink inside of a usage. For example:

function::usage = "function[x] does a complicated calculation
  following the algorithms in this paper."

where "this paper" is hyperlinked to a paper on the web.

To get an idea for how the boxes works for Hyperlinks, I did:

Hyperlink["here", "paclet:ref/Plot"] // ToBoxes

TagBox[ButtonBox[PaneSelectorBox[{False->"here", True->StyleBox["here", {HyperlinkActive}]}, False, BaseStyle->{Hyperlink}, FrameMargins->0, ImageSize->Automatic], BaseStyle->Link, ButtonData->paclet:ref/Plot, ButtonNote->paclet:ref/Plot], #1&]

That was a lot of boxes to put into the usage string:

function::usage = "function[x] does a complicated calculation
  following the algorithms in 

I got overwhelmed with all the \(\* \)'s so I gave up.

Is there a better way to include hyperlinks inside of usage?


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I usually do it this way:

f::usage =
                      Style["f[ _Integer ]", Bold], " maps ", 
                      Style[Hyperlink["integer", "paclet:ref/Integer"], Italic], 
                      " to real number."
                     }], StandardForm];


formated usage text

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Just evaluate your hyperlink code:

Mathematica graphics

then copy the hyperlink from the output and paste it in your string

Mathematica graphics

The boxes were worked into your string automatically:

Mathematica graphics


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