As a result of this question an issue of Export emerged. I.e., when I set my .eps figures with

plot=Column[Row[#, Spacer[5]] & /@ {{a, b, c, d}, {e, f, g}}, Alignment -> Center]

it does not look that correct in MMA window (as expected, because the figures are too big for a whole row to fit the screen), but when changed to 50% looks exactly how I want it. So, the placing seem right, so I Export["plot.eps",plot], and them it looks like in the picture below. I guess this has something to do with the fact that plot is not a single graphic.

I tried to simply switch Column/Row to GraphicsColumn/GraphicsRow, but then the alignment is messed (see the question from the link above).

How can I get the correct export?

Thanks in advance!enter image description here


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What you observe is line-wrapping which is turned on in Column with the default setting ItemSize -> Automatic:

ItemSize->Automatic line-wraps textual elements at the page width

On the same Documentation page we read that ItemSize -> Full

allows every item its full width and height

So all what you need is to add ItemSize -> Full option into Column (stealing kguler's code from the linked thread):

{a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i} = 
  Table[With[{data = MapIndexed[Flatten[{##}] &, RandomReal[1, {100, 2}]], 
     color = RandomChoice[ColorData["Gradients"]], 
     intord = RandomInteger[{0, 4}]}, 
    ListDensityPlot[data, InterpolationOrder -> intord, ColorFunction -> color,
     Mesh -> All, ImageSize -> 200, ImagePadding -> {{20, 5}, {20, 5}}, 
     PlotLegends -> BarLegend[Automatic, LegendMarkerSize -> 200]]], {9}];

plots = Column[Row[#] & /@ {{a, b, c, d}, {e, f, g}, {h, i}}, 
  Alignment -> Center, ItemSize -> Full];    

Export["plots.pdf", plots]

Here is how it looks in Adobe Acrobat:


The same effect can be achieved by replacing Row with Grid which does not allow line-wrapping:

plots = Column[Grid[{#}] & /@ {{a, b, c, d}, {e, f, g}, {h, i}}, Alignment -> Center]

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