Teaching a unit on log scales for a high school math class.

I saw this table on the internet.


I know how to colour individual grid entries, is there a nice way to incrementally colour them like the sample image?

Here is a simple command line to create a bare bones table.... I'm looking to colour the entries as they are in the image (to accentuate the idea of "danger" to "okay")

  {"Environmental\nNoise", "Decibel\n  level"}, 
  {"Jet aircraft, 50 m away", "140"}, 
  {"Threshold of pain", "130"},
  {"Threshold of discomfort", "120"},
  {"Chainsaw, 1 m distance", "110"},
  {"Disco, 1 m from speaker", "100"},
  {"Diesel Truck, 10 m away", "90"}, 
  {"Kerbside of busy road, 5 m away", "80"},
  {"Vacuum, 1 m away", "70"},
  {"Conversational speech, 1 m", "60"},
  {"Average home", "50"},
  {"Quiet library", "40"},
  {"Quiet bedroom at night", "30"},
  {"Background in TV studio", "20"},
  {"Rustling leaves in the distance", "10"},
  {"Hearing threshold", "0"}}, Frame -> All, 
 Background -> {Automatic, Automatic, {{1, 1}, {1, 2}} -> LightGray}, 
 Alignment -> Left]

Try this:

Background -> {None, Prepend[Table[Hue[(k - 2)/35], {k, 15}], White]}

enter image description here

Pedagogical word of caution: this might not be the best example to give to grade-school students, as the bottom entry has a decibel level of zero; this may naturally lead students to think that the minimum possible decibel level is zero, which is false. Including examples of sounds with decibel levels below 0 might help to ensure this misconception dies in the crib.


Background -> {None, None, 
  Join[{{1, 1} -> LightGray, {1, 2} -> LightGray}, 
   Table[{k + 1, 2} -> Hue[(k - 2)/35], {k, 15}]]}

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ That looks fantastic, and simple to implement! $\endgroup$ Nov 4 '14 at 14:37
  • $\begingroup$ I appreciate the pedagogical note, that IS important. Sadly, those kinds of subtle nuances are lost on about 99% of my students (pardon my cynicism!) I'm happy if they actually understand a dB is a tenth of a Bel! $\endgroup$ Nov 4 '14 at 14:50

With data being your input text:

col = With[{l = Length[Last /@ data[[2 ;;]]]}, 
  Table[Blend[{Red, Yellow, Green}, x],{x, 0, 1, 1/(l - 1)}]];
Grid[data, Frame -> All, 
 Background -> {None, None, 
   Join[{{{1, 1}, {1, 2}} -> LightGray}, 
    Rule @@@ Thread@{{#, 2} & /@ Range[2, Length@data], col}]}, Alignment -> Left]

enter image description here

Or with Blend[{Green, Blue, Red}, x]:

enter image description here

or simply with ColorData["Rainbow"][x]:

enter image description here


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