Given some data that looks linear on a ListLogLogPlot, how can I find the correct equation (and particularly, the correct slope of the line)? I have a sample code here

data = {{1012*10^23, 0.64/10}, {669.83*10^23, 
   0.866647113123/10}, {405*10^23, 1.30/10}, {88.6*10^23, 
   4.32/10}, {30.4*10^23, 10.5/10}, {13.4*10^23, 
   20.22/10}, {5.97*10^23, 38.42/10}, {3.26*10^23, 61.94/10}}

H = LinearModelFit[Log10@data, x, x]

This yields

19.6255 - 0.800901 x

But when I try

G = ListLogLogPlot[data]

How can I also see the best fit line along with it? Show[G,H] and similar attempts didn't work. Also, is the slope of the best fit line -0.8? That is, is my relationship y = x^(-0.8)?


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Try this:

  Plot[Normal[H], {x, 23, 26}]

enter image description here

Have fun!


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