Is it possible to localize an assignment to an expression (defined via UpSet) instead of a Symbol within a scoping construct?

It would be nice if I had something like the following at my disposal:

Block[{f[1,2]=ab}, (*<-- what I need*)

(I need to use Block. Module and With are not correct for my case.)


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If you need to preserve the definitions of a Symbol with exception(s) to some particular case(s) you should use Internal`InheritedBlock:

f[a_, b_] := a + b;

Internal`InheritedBlock[{f}, f[1, 2] := ab;
 Table[f[i, j], {i, 1, 2}, {j, 1, 2}]]

f[1, 2]
{{2, ab}, {3, 4}}


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