Off[FinancialData::notent] fails on first run but works thereafter. So what good is it in this case? Is there a trick to force first time success? I've tried "tricks" to my wit's end!

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Clearing Attributes and looking at the definition of the FinancialData reveals that it is just a stub that loads the corresponding paclet on the first evaluation:

ClearAttributes[FinancialData, {Protected, ReadProtected}]
FinancialData := 
   Hold[$FinancialDataSource, FinancialData], 
   "DataPaclets`FinancialData`"] /; System`Dump`TestLoad

As you see from the definition, FinancialData initially has no Messages defined, so you cannot switch them off.

For getting Off[FinancialData::notent] working you should preload the FinancialData paclet (may be there is an easier way to do this, I do not know):

FinancialData[]; Off[FinancialData::notent]

Now it works as expected:

$Off["`1` is not a known entity, class, or tag for `2`. Use `2`[] for a list of entities."]
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