Say I have an already existing .txt file containing data in the following format.

$a \qquad b$

Now at different times I will successively have data like "c,d,e,f,g,h,i" etc

Now next time as I will have the data "c", I want the data to be appended in the first row with tab separation. That is like this:

$a \qquad b \qquad c$

And then next time I will have the data "d". So next time what I want is

$a \qquad b \qquad c$


and so on.

Though from this answer, I know how to add data in the newline using OpenAppend, but I don't know how to add data in the same line with tab separation.


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OpenAppend itself does not cause newlines to be added. Only the export/write functions do. If you use WriteString, it won't add newlines.

For example,

s = OpenAppend["app.txt"]

Do[WriteString[s, "a"], {5}]


results in a file containing aaaaa.

You can include tabs using "\t".


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