Matlab has a command that when is used in fminsearch shows the value of the function which we want to minimize and so gives a trend of values calculated for the minimum. It is something like this for a specific problem:

enter image description here

What is the equivalent command in MMA?


Try something like this:

Let's make up a "slow to evaluate" function to minimize:

f[x_] := (Pause[0.5]; x^4 - x^2)

Some setup:

values = {};
Dynamic@ListPlot[values, PlotRange -> All, Frame -> True]

Now run FindMinimum and watch the function values decrease in real time:

FindMinimum[f[x], {x, 1}, StepMonitor :> AppendTo[values, f[x]]]
  • $\begingroup$ Sometimes it crashes. MMA asks me to either disable dynamic updating or wait for it to work. $\endgroup$ – MOON Nov 1 '14 at 21:35

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